About Myself

I've tackled a wide variety of projects spanning from web development and hosting for clients, app development, Linux server management, and game development. Here are some of my favorite projects:

SmartGlassesDriveAssistant - An app that displays your vehicle's speed and engine RPM on your smart glasses. It works in conjunction with the SmartGlassesManager. Demo video here.

SmartGlassesManager - The definitive home page for your smart glasses. Write one app that runs on any pair of smart glasses.

OpenSourceSmartGlasses - Smart glasses with display, microphone, wireless Bluetooth, prescription lenses, and hours of battery life. Hosts a suite of apps including live language translation, contextual search engine, intelligent assistant, web search, and more.

Telescope - DIY smartglasses similar to the Google Glass in form and tech. It displays the time, your phone's notifications, and can also function as a teleprompter.

Wild West - Local-area social network designed for anonymity. See: Yik-Yak, if Yik-Yak used standard emojis.

NBA Analyzer - Predict the outcome of future NBA matches


Majored in Computer Science @ University of Colorado Boulder